The Golf Industry Must Change

By George Moore SafeTees Pouch, Inc. (Third in a Series) Golf is in trouble, and we have the various segments of the golf industry to thank. They continue to rely on outmoded and non-competitive business models, and they don’t seem to realize that the heydays of golf are over. Arnie’s Army marched off into the … Continue reading The Golf Industry Must Change

Golfing Activities and the Giggles

(Second in a Three-Part Series) By George Moore SafeTees Pouch, Inc. Golf, the game played on an outdoor course with 14 clubs and a little ball, is in trouble. Number of rounds played dropped 4.8 percent from 2017 to 2018, and nearly 200 18-hole courses closed their doors last year. Only 12 new ones opened … Continue reading Golfing Activities and the Giggles